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Hello, my name is Carl Sapp Jr, and I am the Real Estate Broker for Golden Properties. I have lived in Savannah my entire life (with the exception of the 2 years I lived in Marietta Georgia 1988-1990). I have had many careers in my time, but my real estate career started in 2005. In 2005, my then sister in-law was working at a small real estate company and asked if I wanted to become an agent in the new company, so I figured why not. Now I have been in the real estate business in some form or fashion since 2005. First by becoming a real estate agent/REALTOR in 2005, but after the market crash in 2008/2009, I moved to the building and remodeling side of the business. In 2008 I also became a volunteer firefighter in the Montgomery area for several years, before actually taking a full time job as a firefighter in 2011. I advanced over the years from a firefighter, to a position of Fire Captain. But I still continued to work in home remodeling and repair on the side. During those years I used my knowledge from my real estate education to help guide many people on how clean up their credit in preparation of purchasing their first home, and advised them of what to look for when picking their first home. Early 2019 when I was talking to a longtime friend,  Tony Stanford of Blue Water Realty, LLC, that I jokingly told him I was going to renew my license and come work for him. We laughed about it and he said he would take me on as an agent whenever I was ready. Well in October of 2019 that is exactly what I did. Working with Tony over the years I learned a lot under his guidance, and my real estate education grew, as did my desire to become a Broker one day. In September 2023 I was given the chance to elevate my career when Devin Kelps offered me the chance to become the Broker for Golden Properties. Devin Kelps worked under Don Golden for many years, eventually taking over in September 2023, and she has a vision for Golden Properties, which I am glad to be a part of the change and growth of the company. My plan is to use the knowledge and experience I have gained from the many Brokers I knew and worked under, to build up our agents, so they give their clients the best buying or selling experience during the relationship. We will continue the professional services and family environment the company had under Don Golden.

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Golden Properties is the essential tool for your real estate investments and property management services. From HOA Management, to maintenance projects, special project management, and listing real estate on the market, we have you covered with our Golden Guarantee – protect your assets and investments. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a property management company must hold a broker’s license to perform management activities.  

We collect rent from tenants, handle maintenance requests, work with a team of contractors to handle those requests, advertise vacant properties, and more. We are a full-service property management company. 

Your property will be advertised in various rental directories, our property website portal, and on social media, accompanied by photos. We will conduct thorough screening processes for all applicants. 

We ensure employment stability, good credit history, good rental history, the appropriate number of occupants, and valid proof of identity. 

The frequency of communication is set based on your preference, ensuring you are kept in the loop and informed about all processes. 

For decades, our company has provided timely and professional services to Savannah and the surrounding areas. We offer excellent service, timely management, comprehensive care, and a dedicated staff. We look forward to providing you with quality service and assurance your properties are handled with care. 

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